General Alan J. Nicholas 21 Apr

The Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) is a corporation that most are semi-familiar with, but do not know what CMHC actually does. CMHC is Canada’s authority on housing. They contribute to the stability of the housing market and the financial system. They also provide support for Canadians in housing need and offer objective housing […]

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COVID – 19

General Alan J. Nicholas 23 Mar

COVID -19 I wanted to follow up on my previous email regarding COVID-19 and what banks and lenders are really offering. The media seems to just blanket headlines as “Banks deferring up to 6 months mortgage payments”. This is only partially true. How things will work at this point, is banks and lenders alike are […]

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The Bank of Canada Brings Out The Big Guns

General Alan J. Nicholas 9 Mar

The Bank of Canada reduced the benchmark rate by .50bps (now 1.25%) Start thinking ahead! For those of you carrying extra debt you should be looking at refinancing soon. Rates will be coming down. Contact me today for details, don’t wait!

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7 Things That Won’t Hurt Your Credit Scores

General Alan J. Nicholas 12 Feb

You may already know that certain behaviors – such as paying your bills on time, every time – can reflect positively on your credit scores. But it’s also important to know that not every action will directly impact your credit scores at all, either positively or negatively. The following items may influence your finances, but […]

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General Alan J. Nicholas 5 Feb

Market interest rates have fallen sharply since the coronavirus-led investor flight to the safety of government bonds. The 5-year government bond yield–a harbinger of conventional mortgage rates–now stands at 1.34%, down sharply from the 1.60+% range it was trading in before the virus became global news (see chart below). This morning, one of the Big-Six […]

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Improving your credit score isn’t as hard as you think!

General Alan J. Nicholas 30 Jan

If you’re credit challenged but want to get into the housing market, it can be a tough road. But improving your credit to a point where a lender will give you a chance, is very doable. Basically, what you need to know is a score above 680 puts you in a good position to get […]

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Breaking up with your mortgage can be hard to do

General Alan J. Nicholas 13 Jan

It’s hard to look past what’s right in front of you. That can be said for a lot of things in life, including a mortgage. So it should come as no surprise that roughly six-in-10 homeowners with the standard five-year fixed rate mortgage break their terms within three years. And as brokers, we’ve heard all […]

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General Alan J. Nicholas 16 Dec

Do you know what kind of prepayment privileges you currently have with your mortgage? Does your current lender allow you to make a 10% prepayment or a 20% prepayment on your principle amount? Can you double your monthly payment? Or can you even increase the amount you are paying monthly? This is important information, and […]

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First Time Mortgages: Expectations Vs. Reality

General Alan J. Nicholas 11 Dec

First-time homebuyers are one of our favourite clients! It’s great to work alongside them and teach them the in’s and out’s about real estate, owning a home, and helping them cross “homeownership” off their bucket list. One thing that we find though, their expectations are often not aligned with reality. We are always honest with […]

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Pride in ownership can pay off

General Alan J. Nicholas 6 Dec

Any prospective homebuyer knows this situation well. You’re set up for a viewing but when you get there the condition is less than ideal. Maybe the toilets are dirty, or the cluttered kitchen is hiding its full potential. Immediately, you’re turned off and you’ve moved on to another property. For the owner, that’s sale opportunity […]

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